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Building Relationships by Discussing Truth

Building Relationships by Discussing Truth A Community DEI Training.png

Join us for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training with facilitator Les Echols, Director of Community and Minority Enterprise with Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce. The objective is to help workplaces become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, particularly for employees from underrepresented or historically, marginalized communities. You will learn about the cultural diversity and bias which will help you self-reflect and clarify your own beliefs, bias, and complicity with cultural diversity. Throughout the training you will come to understand and accept differing perspectives and experiences, while building honest relationships with others. Experience the human and social aspects of racial conciliation to enhance your community participation.

Contact Abby Ansley at  or

843-629-0236 with questions. 

Event Information
October 31, 2023 
10:00a to 12:00pm

Hope Health Administrative Building
1362 Celebration Blvd. Florence, SC 29501
Yellow Jasmine Room

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