Meet our Board of Directors

Elizabeth Poston

Social Worker / Community Volunteer

Board Chair

"I believe that when a child experiences trauma they deserve excellent resources, to address, heal, and move beyond those concerns. Children are one of the most important aspects of a community; they are our joy, a motivation to make the world a better and safer place, and they are our future. I am grateful to The CARE House team for taking care of our community’s children with compassion and excellence."

John Brand



"The CARE house is important, because children need adults with integrity to advocate for them."

Hart Smith

McLeod Hospital System

"Throughout my career, as a nurse, taking care of children and women was part of my job. Today it has become my passion. Working on the CARE House Board allows me to fulfill that passion to make the world, if only our little corner, better and safer for today's children."

Tom Shearin

Retired City of Florence

Board Co-Chair

" I want to help educate our local community regarding child abuse and neglect, in order that we can effectively, and efficiently respond and, most importantly, ensure the child victim’s needs are met. "

Jay Lee

Aiken Bridges Law Firm

“The CARE House is a place where children can feel safe, loved and special at a time when they are their most vulnerable.  I feel proud to serve with my fellow board members to play our small role in supporting this most important mission.”

Raymond Taylor

Finance of America Mortgage

The CARE House is a huge asset for the Pee Dee.  As a father of three, I want to do my part to help make sure that not only my kids are safe, and would have a place to find help if anything where to happen to them, but that the same service is available for ALL children.”