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Delight a Child with a Letter from Santa

Add a little sparkle to a child's eyes by sending them a personalized letter from Santa Claus! 



























The Deadline to order has passed to ensure delivery from the North Pole before Christmas!

Thank you for your support! 


Join us in being a CARE House Hero while sparking the magic of Christmas for a special child in your life or by donating a letter for a child in Foster Care! 

Letters from Santa are sent with the help of Santa's elves at the CARE House and support our work of promoting help, hope and healing to child abuse victims and their families through supportive services and prevention. Letters are postmarked from the North Pole and personalized for each child including their name, information about their activities, the reason they are on the Nice List and what they can do to avoid the Naughty List in the future! 

Include an official Nice List Certificate to encourage your little one all year! 

  • Personalized Letters & Nice List Certificates

    • 1 Letter & Certificate - $15 per Child

    • 2 Letters & Certificates - $13 per Child

    • 3+ Letters & Certificates - $12 per Child

Contact Alice Curry Gallego at or (843) 629-0236 with questions.

Deadline to Order Has Passed - Letters from Santa.png
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