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Education & Prevention

CARE House is pleased to offer many education and prevention opportunities to our community. Whether we are speaking to a church, youth organization, school, other agencies, or even just having a booth at a community event, we are always happy to promote awareness for child abuse prevention & make our community a safer place.

Here are some of our primary topics:

  • Child Abuse Prevention/Awareness

  • Mandated Reporting

  • Churches; when faith hurts ~ preparing the church with how to handle child abuse within the church

  • CARE House & services offered

  • Minimal Facts training

  • What is a CAC (Children’s Advocacy Center)

  • Depression & Suicide

If you do not see what you are looking for, just send us an email at the address below! We are able to offer other topics, this is just a list of the primary topics we offer.

To send in a request, please email Alice Curry Gallego at
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