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Children's Advocacy Center

A children's advocacy center is a safe place where children and their families can come after a reported allegation of abuse to receive supportive services. Many different agencies work together as a team to investigate and support families. Each member of the team has been trained and has significant experience working with alleged victims of abuse. 

Forensic Interviews

A Forensic Interview is a non-leading, child friendly one-on-one conversation between a child and a Forensic Interviewer. During the interview, your child has the opportunity to speak openly. 

The room is equipped with a camera so that law enforcement, social services, victims advocates, medical professionals and the solicitor's office may observe the interview. This reduces the number of times your child has to tell their story. 

Encourage your child to speak freely and to tell the truth. Avoid rehearsing or coaching you child on what to say. 

Counseling Services

Counseling is important in addressing both the immediate and long-term effects of child abuse-related trauma. Counseling can help your child and family cope with the trauma at hand and any potential issues that arise. 

CARE House therapists provide scientifically supported treatments. The different types of treatments will be explained at your appointment. 

Medical Exam

The Forensic Medical Exam is a head-to-toe exam of the body by Dr. Michael Foxworth. This exam is not painful or invasive and is done to ensure health of your child, diagnose medical conditions, and document any possible findings. You child will be accompanied by a Medical Assistant while the exam is completed.

What to expect.png
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